Fatma Eryildiz

IMG_2140Fatma Eryildiz
Graduate Student
Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology, School of Medicine
Adey & Tyner Labs

Fatma graduated from Istanbul University with a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics and there she studied the differential transposon mobility in monozygotic twin brains for her final project. Then she moved to Portland for her graduate studies at OHSU in 2015.

She completed her Master of Science in 2016 summer in Tyner lab where she studied frequent kinase vulnerabilities and target identification using RNAi mediated screening in acute myeloid leukemia patients. Later on, she joined the Adey and Tyner lab in 2017 for her Ph.D. She will be working on investigation of epigenetic deregulation in a cohort of acute myeloid leukemia patients using single cell technologies.