The Adey lab

New commentary in PNAS on a single-cell haplotype resolution method out of Kun Zhang’s group.

Dr. Adey was recently interviewed by Nature which appeared in the recent issue focused on single cell biology. Read the interview here.

New Preprint! “Scalable and efficient single-cell DNA methylation sequencing with combinatorial indexing.” (bioRxiv link)


Figure 1 from the preprint.

In the Adey Lab we seek to answer fundamental questions in biology pertaining to cell identity and cell fate specification. Specifically, we aim to apply systems-based logic to understand the most basic circuitry of a cell and how the configuration of that circuitry locks it in place in its functional role, or pushes it along from one state to another. To accomplish this task, we are leveraging and developing cutting edge technologies to provide the unprecedented resolution and throughput that is required. This includes several single cell strategies to profile genetic and epigenetic properties at high throughput such as single cell ATAC-seq, whole genome sequencing, and other important marks that define the epigenetic landscape.